The Core of Good Parenting is the Fun Stuff

A TEACHER’S ADVICE TO PARENTS IN ONE SHORT LIST According to studies and  parents themselves, parenting can make you tired, overwhelmed and anxious. And no wonder. The parent zone includes marinara drizzled onto your new beige carpet, more hours in the car than in your bed and entire mountain ranges of laundry. Plus you are responsible for the health and…


Share this with Parents and Teachers: The Most Amazing and Important Lesson You Will Ever Teach

Part One of Series: Lessons about Reversing Climate Change  Dear Parents and Teachers, The amazing facts in this lesson are vital for reversing climate change, yet you will not see climate change mentioned in this lesson for third, fourth and fifth graders. In middle school and beyond it makes sense to talk about practical applications of this science that will…


Now In Japanese!

A Japanese website is now sharing information about our year-round gardening program at the Waldorf School of Cape Cod. They were kind to ask permission to write about our program in Japanese here:  tabi-labo   授業に「ガーデニング」を取り入れた米小学校。有機野菜を生徒全員で! In addition, other websites have taken our information and shared it widely, so that now the photo of children working in our hoop house has become…


Thank you for being part of 280,000 plus shares and One Million Likes on Facebook!

This post about year round gardening programs for schools reached more than 280,000 shares and one million likes on Facebook. If you were part of making this go viral, thank you for sharing! https://childrengrowing.com/2015/05/11/share-if-you-think-every-school-should-have-a-year-round-gardening-program/ My hope in sharing our experience is to offer encouragement to those individuals of initiative who may find inspiration in our year round methods for cold/cool…


Now in Russian!

Выращивание собственной еды, как обязательный предмет во всех школах http://rodovid.me/ecological_parent/vyraschivanie-sobstvennoy-edy-kak-obyazatelnyy-predmet-vo-vseh-shkolah.html Парник размером 7 х 14 метров является центром всей деятельности. Там, детивыращивают морковь, шпинат, капусту и другие овощи, в том числе и зелень. В процессе, они изучают все преимущества выращивания собственных овощей и этапы, которые необходимо пройти, чтобы из семян получить готовую еду. Смотрите сами и может быть, если вы вдохновились,…


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