Speak to the Heart of Children

I worry that as time goes on and, as schools increasingly focus on the “thing” that is the curriculum and the “thing” that is the test, we will forget what is missing at school. 

So, I want to invite you into my classroom in a school where teachers and their students are free to learn together without the interference of grades, tests or narrowly defined curricula. Through my teaching memoir, A Gift of Wonder, A True Story Showing School as it Should Be, you will travel with me and my class on a journey from first grade through sixth grade.

The book has been called funny, poignant, moving, relatable, life-affirming, hopeful and a page turner. It offers no policy recommendations. Rather it is an example of a spirit of teaching that protects children’s sense of wonder and develops in them both a passion for learning and a true moral compass.

sources for A Gift of Wonder:

Indiebound http://bit.ly/2Faj9LI

Amazon: https://amzn.to/2EcX8fF

The Publisher: http://bit.ly/2F58G4k

Direct from the Author, signed

A Gift of Wonder

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Floris Books for European orders http://bit.ly/2F5fUWQ

Booktopia for Australian orders http://bit.ly/2TozYXm

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