Inspiration on Sale

You can buy my inspiring teaching memoir, A Gift of Wonder, from Amazon for $13.70 if you buy it along with $20 of other items. Order soon as stock is low. Other sources are listed below.

Amazon reviewers said:

“This turned out to be the best book I’ve read in a long time. It has the emotional impact of a book of fiction, and the educational value of a non-fiction book.”

“Such a wonderful book for any parent or teacher. It’s a magical read so much so you are transported to the classroom and wish you were a student there too with Kim.” 

Book description by Floris Books:

  • Written by a natural storyteller who expertly immerses the reader in the world of the classroom
  • Explores the nature of wonder and intense sensation that children feel, and how best to preserve it
  • Suggests that while mainstream education is the filling of a bucket, education should actually be about the lighting of a fire
  • A funny, poignant memoir of a teacher’s six-year journey with her class, which also explores the nature of education and how to retain the element of wonder.

other sources: 

United States

A Gift of Wonder A True Story Showing School as It Should Be by | Meadowsweet Natural


United Kingdom

Free worldwide delivery 


Kim Allsup – Gift of Wonder – Floris Books


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