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Kim Allsup (she, her) is an author, environmentalist, blogger and former grade school teacher and gardening teacher. She lives on Cape Cod where she enjoys gardening, swimming, and outdoor adventures on a recumbent trike or piloting her all-terrain walker. Her current project, Lucy’s Way, is a heartwarming coming of age story set in the 2050’s, the era of climate healing. Her first book, A Gift of Wonder, is a teaching memoir showing school as it should be. (This true story is set in a classroom, yet it’s surprisingly popular with homeschoolers.) She enjoys writing occasional short pieces; these have been published in Scary Mommy, Eldridge Tide and Pilot Book (story contest winner), Cape Cod Life, local newspapers and her blog, Growing Children.

Kim’s BA is from Brown University and her M.Ed. is from Antioch University.

A Gift of Wonder My teaching memoir shares my six year journey with the same children. Join me as I attempt to develop intrinsic motivation through wonder. Find more info and sources here:

My Blog, Growing Children

Growing Children Facebook Page

The Secret Prince is a free, serialized story (more than 70 chapters) for children aged 4 though 12 meant to help kids cope with isolation during the pandemic. Usually used as a read aloud. More information and chapter one here with links to the rest of the chapters.

The Secret Prince Chapters 1– 37 read aloud by Simone St. John

The Secret Prince Story Community Facebook Group Join this group to get updates, discuss the story with parents and teachers and access translations into Vietnamese, Spanish and Chinese.

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