How to Motivate Your Homeschooler — including links to sources for my teaching memoir

Rather than return their kids to in-person school or computer centered learning this year, many parents have committed to pod schooling and homeschooling. They ask : how can I set up a homeschool or a pod school so that my kids are happily engaged in learning?

While A Gift of Wonder is set in an independent Waldorf school, it shows a spirit of teaching and learning that is relevant to teaching at home. The time tested methods shown here in the context of an inspiring story are those successful home schoolers use. 

Join me as I teach the same group of students from grades one through six. We started with only seven kids that were much like the pods starting up today. Wherever you are on this journey through the grades, A Gift of Wonder will inspire you as you re-imagine your child’s learning experience.

A Gift of Wonder shows:

1.Teaching through stories. Math, history, geography, science, character development are far more interesting when they are taught through stories. 

2. How to understand and meet each stage of development in grades one through six. 

3. When and how to suspend a lesson plan in order to allow an engaging conversation or to support a child’s curiosity.  

From Amazon Reviewers

“As a homeschooling mother, this book inspires and encourages me. It is filled with thought provoking quotes. I will keep it close at hand and on the tough days, pick it up and find encouragement.”

“This turned out to be the best book I’ve read in a long time. It has the emotional impact of a book of fiction, and the educational value of a non-fiction book.”

More reviews by homeschoolers:

Sources for A Gift of Wonder 

United States

A Gift of Wonder, A True Story Showing School as it Should Be

Purchase a signed copy directly from the author. In general, buying direct is a powerful way to support authors and artists.

23.00 $

Note: current stocking numbers: October 22, from the author (above) 19 copies

From Amazon (below) 12 copies

Amazon is often out of stock because it sells out quickly. It’s also available on kindle.

A Gift of Wonder A True 

Story Showing School as It Should Be by | Meadowsweet Naturals


United Kingdom

Free worldwide delivery 


Kim Allsup – Gift of Wonder – Floris Books


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