The Secret Prince Read Aloud by Simone St. John — Chapters One through Thirty-seven

The Secret Prince is an ongoing story meant to support the inner journey of children in this challenging time. It is now available in a series of You Tube videos by Simone St John who reads the story in Medieval costume. Scroll down to access the videos

“My two daughters have been enthralled for 3 days”

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The Secret Prince is a healing story for children whose lives have been changed due to the pandemic. The story shows a child whose independent spirit helps him deal with being stuck inside for weeks. This story has no mention of disease; it’s about a boy who has to stay inside due to flooding.

The story has been used by parents and teachers worldwide and has been translated by volunteers into Spanish and Vietnamese.

Simone St. John

One of the most rewarding aspects of The Secret Prince project is discovering volunteers who expand and improve the project. I’m excited to introduce Simone St. John who brings her acting skills to the project as she reads the chapters aloud in period costume.

Note: Save this link which will be updated with new chapters, or subscribe to Simone St. John’s YouTube channel.

I send many thanks to Simone St. John and to Naomi Kamla and Dave Riepe at Space Farmer Productions in Denver, CO for providing Simone with studio space and camera equipment for the filming. 

Born in the Caribbean island of Barbados, Simone St. John grew up with a love for creativity and play. As a child, she loved creating characters and making people laugh with her impersonations and funny voices. It wasn’t long before she grew a passion for acting. Most recently, Simone worked with Boulder Ensemble Theatre in the regional premiere of Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed. Her favorite acting credits include Vintage Theatre’s Intimate Apparel, Curious Theatre’s A House With No Walls, and Shadow Theatre’s two-person cast production of Plenty of Time. She has won Westword’s Best Season for an Actress and was nominated for an Ovation Award and a Henry Award for Best Supporting Actress. Outside of acting, having graduated with a degree in Comparative Study of Religion from Harvard, she is passionate about using her spiritual gift as a Channeler and Coach to assist people seeking greater clarity.der

Simone was drawn to this project because she loves bringing characters to life. Even more, she loves reading out loud. In fact, she will jump at any opportunity she gets to read out loud. As the quarantine started, she took to Facebook to read children’s stories and create characters to keep people engaged and uplift their spirits. She says, “When this all-in-one opportunity presented itself, where she could read out loud and bring characters to life, it was a win-win.Even better, your enjoyment and upliftment is like icing on the cake. Happy watching!”

Kim Allsup, the author of The Secret Prince is a retired teacher who wrote A Gift of Wonder, a teaching memoir relevant to both homeschoolers and classroom teachers. It shows how to teach using stories such as this one. She is currently working on an optimistic middle grade novel which offers hope for the climate healing generation.

More about A Gift of Wonder :

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