A Story for Parents and Teachers to Tell

gray scale photography of lighthouse

Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com

At the start of the school year teachers and homeschoolers plan out their year, listing fun math projects, great sweeps of history to share, music to sing and stories to tell. As we look ahead to the fall we anticipate the dimming of the light, perhaps an autumn gale or two and weather growing ever colder. This turning of the year is a time to summon the warmth of courage as the cold increases and the light of goodness as the sun grows dimmer.

Here is a story that I wrote a few years ago for Martinmas, a November festival of light and goodness celebrated in Waldorf Schools. It’s called The Children of the Light and it’s a back to school gift for anyone interested in it. It is a story about a family that tends a lighthouse and the goodness of children at a challenging time.

The Children of the Light

Kim Allsup was a Waldorf class teacher and gardening teacher. Her teaching memoir  (Published by SteinerBooks) is A Gift of Wonder, A True Story Showing School as it Should Be. Currently she is writing an ecotopian children’s novel and occasionally serving as a consultant to Waldorf schools/ teachers and homeschooling parents who follow a Waldorf curriculum.



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