Our Kids Need to Picture a Future Where We Avert Climate Catastrophe

Have you imagined a future in which we reversed climate change? This video shows such a future. My novel – in – progress also imagines a future in which people take action to avert climate catastrophe.

Click here for article with video

I started writing Rachel’s Way when my fourth graders started reading dystopian novels. Where, I wondered, could I find an ecotopian novel that would show them an inspiring future?

Rachel’s Way, set in the year 2055, shows a future where 12 – year – old Lucy, the main character, secretly becomes the youngest official climate worker in Canada. Like the video, this novel dares to imagine a future where we all work together to restore and regenerate the earth and her climate.

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I’m writing the novel on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. My favorite locations for writing are beaches threatened by sea level rise.

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