Blessings of the Season to All

I’m sending good wishes to all the readers of Growing Children as we wrap up 2020, a year that will be remembered for a global pandemic and for our responses to this challenge. May you find you own way to honor this season as we pause to honor and celebrate that within us which shines light into darkness.

For readers of The Secret Prince, I am looking forward to moving into the last sections of this story. I’m seeing where the story is going and we won’t get to the last chapter very quickly, but it is in sight. My hope is that the same is true for the pandemic, that the end is essentially in sight. I will return to my work on the next set of chapters early in 2021.

And to the dear children who listen to or read The Secret Prince, I send greetings from Ronduin and Mirabel, who know that you are so much like them, capable young people who love their family and their friends, both human and animal. May you find many blessings and great joy in the year ahead.

with love,

Kim Allsup

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