A Meaningful Christmas Gift for Less Than $12

Nobody likes text books and instruction manuals. This is why Waldorf teachers tuck their lessons into into engaging stories. So, when I wanted to share the essence of what I had learned as a teacher, I chronicled the true story of leading my class from grade one through six and tucked my epiphanies into it.

A Gift of Wonder, A True Story Showing School as it Could Be can be read simply as a story about a group of children, growing day by day and year by year. But, it’s also a story about a teacher, growing, learning both from her students and from a dynamic curriculum that is as meaningful to her as it is to her class.

Carried in this story are lessons for both parents, homeschoolers and teachers about being alive in teaching, always open to questions and leadings by children themselves. And, as the story progresses, the picture of the developmental stages of childhood is shared through anecdotes that are deep, funny and meaningful.

reviewers say:

“As an Early Childhood Waldorf parent of two with one just entering the grades, I was glued to the book A Gift of Wonder by Kim Allsup to help light my way through our families new Waldorf journey. As I eagerly turned the pages, I began to understand what was really happening in my daughter’s first grade classroom.”

“As a homeschooling mother, this book inspires and encourages me. It is filled with thought provoking quotes. I will keep it close at hand and on the tough days, pick it up and find encouragement.”

“Waldorf elicits their students self-understanding. Waldorf teachers model accountability and personal integration – for parents as well as their students. Self-understanding and personal integration are the only qualities that can save civilization. I urge everyone to read this book. It not only renders the recipe for our survival, but it will bring tears to your eyes.” 

“By the end of the book, I was emotionally moved. This turned out to be the best book I’ve read in a long time. It has the emotional impact of a book of fiction, and the educational value of a non-fiction book.”

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