Take a break from the news with an upbeat book that will fill your heart

It seems that news of the day is rarely uplifting or inspirational. So we need to find time to turn off the negative and turn to the positive. Join a group of children and their teacher as they journey together from first through sixth grade. You will laugh, smile, and just want to hug these kids a they grapple with the big questions of life, with life’s little frustrations, as they welcome a kitten into their classroom, as they learn to make sense of their world.

It’s a quick read that will take you back to the wonder you experienced in childhood. It’s a journey from age six to twelve, a chance to relive a transformation from the innocent wonder of the young child into the principled engagement of the older child.

A Gift of Wonder, is short book, an easy read that has been called a page turner.

You can find it on Amazon: click here

From the publisher click here

And signed directly from the author. To order a signed copy from a US address, send $25 with your name and address and any signing instructions to:

Kim Allsup, PO Box 3273, East Falmouth, MA 02536


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