Share To Help Re-envision Schooling  


The two minute video at the top of

this page

shows kids who are engaged at school. It is this engagement through wonder, curiosity, and joy in learning –not test scores– that is the true indication of effectiveness in education.

A Gift of Wonder, A True Story Showing School As It Should Be, is a new book available  here through pre-order that shows this engagement and the type of teaching that supports it. We need many such stories about ways to work with the power of intrinsic motivation at school. These positive stories can help transform our national vision of the future of schooling.

Please help bring this book into into the national dialogue about education by:

— sharing this post

— pre-ordering A Gift of Wonder to be an early reader. Your pre-order this week is a huge help. You will be ordering through an Indiegogo campaign and a surge in orders will dramatically improve visibility in the site. Pre-order here

— reviewing the book on Amazon or Goodreads

— supporting the Indiegogo campaign which pays for a professional publicist and advertising. The campaign is only 6 percent funded and needs a lot of support!!  Support here : Click here

The forces behind the currently prevailing form of education are enormous. It will take the vision and and committment of many people who care about protecting childhood to turn the tide. With your support, A Gift of Wonder can be an important part of this grassroots movement to re-envision schooling.

If you have already ordered a book or supported the campaign, I send you my deep gratitude!


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