Wonder, Not Pressure, Supports Learning 


Five-year-old children need play, not pressure. Then, at six and seven, they need learning infused with joy, wonder, movement, colors, music, and satisfying work that makes real things. Adults who learned this way thrive. They are in no way behind those who faced pressure. So, why? Why do governments (this is not the teachers’ idea) pressure little children to learn according to a tight, unrealistic schedule?  My story about teaching without pressure will be published this year.  A Gift of Wonder,  A True Story Showing School As It Should Be, invites readers into our classroom as my students and I travel through grades one through six. Please plan to join us to experience education that is uplifting. Sign up to follow Growing Children on Facebookor this blog to receive a notification when A Gift of Wonder is published.

The blog post linked below tells about the pressures faced unnecessarily by most children today in the UK. The situation is similar here in the US.


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